Difficult Words for Difficult Times

I wonder if a person can get obese in one afternoon.

My fraternal twin sister sent me a giant Reese’s for Christmas, the cups the size of two small pies.   It’s so good, I have to pray for strength to stop eating it.  Normally, I take a bite and put the thing away.  Not feeling the discipline on this particular afternoon.

Something is not right today.  Things haven’t been right since this Connecticut massacre, slaying, murder of all those young children and 6 adults.

I haven’t been able to sleep.  All shootings are horrific, but this one was particularly evil.  It was too evil.  There was such a touch of evil “creativity” on it that I know the idea was given to the gunman by satan.  I know it, and I know it without question.

I am touched by the passion of both the pro and anti-gun people.  I understand you both very clearly.  The anti-gun people are sick of violence, and the pro-gun people are sick of criminals who commit this kind of violence.

The NRA means well, but they go a bit overboard at times.  Arm teachers?  Isn’t that a bit irresponsible?  I thought the same thing when they wanted to arm pilots.  Let teachers be teachers, let pilots be pilots, and let the police be the police.

Folks, there is a reason police officers have to go through so much specialized training to carry a firearm.  The NRA acts as if anyone who carries a gun will automatically know what to do should they encounter an active shooter.  Are you kidding?  I find that incredibly naive, but also very disrespectful to the law enforcement profession of which I was a part of for over 15 years.

I know private citizens who want to carry a concealed weapon have nothing but good intentions.  Let me please make that clear.  But to assume that the extensive training cops receive will automatically “download” into the brain of a an untrained civilian at the touch of their gun is ridiculous and foolish, and that belief could get a good person who means well, killed.

I don’t want anyone associating me with the NRA.  No offense, but I don’t.  I can’t tell you how many times men from gun rights organizations have contacted me, asking me to join their public speaking circuit or asking me to be their spokesperson to represent the cause for the “private citizen to bear arms”.  When I told these men that I was not a civilian, but a well-trained police officer, they all insisted it would be better if I not say that I was a police officer so they could use me to further their cause.  Sorry, but I don’t compromise the truth for anyone or anything.  I was a very well-trained police officer from an excellent and very aggressive police department.  And the reason I successfully (successfully, meaning I didn’t get killed nor did anyone else) shot and killed the gunman at New Life Church is because of that very reason.  No, I never once had active shooter training, but my other training taught me that neither did I need to wait for SWAT.  God bless SWAT, but don’t wait for them because more people could die if you do.

And I don’t believe private citizens need assault rifles.  Think about it.  Do you really need an assault rifle?  For what reason?  For dove hunting?  Deer hunting?  No.  You don’t need one. Let them be used only by the police and military.

The emotion and anger from some of the gun rights guys at the thought of them not being able to buy assault rifles anymore kind of reminds me of someone taking a baby rattle out of a baby’s hand.  The baby doesn’t need it.  It doesn’t really serve a purpose other than for the idea of ownership, but since it was taken, the baby throws a fit.  I’m not trying to be disrespectful.  I’m just saying what comes to mind when I see the emotional reactions of some regarding the very thought of having this particular kind of weapon taken off the shelves.  These are obviously the weapons of choice for the cowardly, psychotic mass shooters.  Keep them off the streets and take them off the shelves of gun stores.

I’m not trying to tick anyone off and no, I’m not selling anyone out.  I’m trying to make a case for common sense.

For people who hate guns and firmly believe guns need to be done away with altogether, forgive me, but you are also being naive.  In the mind of criminals who are people without a conscience, where there’s a will, there’s a way.  These men will get their hands on guns.  You must get that through your heads.  I wish to God I didn’t have to say we need trained, armed personnel in schools, churches, sports arenas, concert venues, etc., but the truth is that we absolutely do need them.

My views are right in the middle of this very passionate debate, but it is what it is.  Again, I appreciate the passion from both sides because both sides, although they differ in opinions of what should be done, are upset, angered and saddened by the increasing amount of violence in our society.  In other words, we ALL care about preservation of human life.

But let this very important issue not divide us.  Instead, let it bring us together.  And together I am confident we can come up with a very sensible, logical and wise solution.

Care and compassion breed resolution, not division and confusion.

About jeanneassam

Law Enforcement Professional/Author of "God, the Gunman and me"

13 Responses to “Difficult Words for Difficult Times”

  1. Thanks for sharring Jeanne. John 3:27

  2. Well written Jeanne. Arming teachers, pilots, etc is a horrible idea, because these same people can have bad days too and then what?! There is no need for “assault” rifles other than their exact label…to assault. They’re not called protect rifles, etc. for a reason.
    I liken school, mall shootings to an airplane crash. They just aren’t that common but when they happen it’s horrific due to the numbers involved. I too believe that trained security personnel in certain venues is the answer, not arming nervous nellies.

  3. I Just Hope this is not spearheaded for Political reasons and results in some positive actions. Personally,I have no problem with a teacher being armed if they successfully undergo a comprehensive training program as the NRA has offered. They are the best and have been providing Military, Police and back in the day, school safety programs. I remember NRA on every piece of literature we had in class dealing with firearms.. EXPERTS, not wanna be’s. It takes quite a bit to become an NRA Certified Instructor. I prefer to see an armed guard in the schools and frankly I do not patronize ANY Establishment which has a sign “No Weapons” allowed. Don’t feel safe there. Funds are available for every Green Energy initiative it seems even when they know they will go bankrupt or move the business to China. Pass the funds to the states from that stuff, the duplicate agencies in the Education Dept., Energy Dept. and The dreaded EPA and there should be enough. If not, consider instead of funding the Muslim Brotherhood and giving them billions of dollars in f16’s or Funding Other countries Oil Drilling projects. Pretty soon you will have the money to do so. Priorities need to be here, whether it is mental health as well as protection in our schools.

  4. Jeanne, Unfortunately, the whole “who needs assault rifles” thing, is a slippery slope. it gives ammo to those who would take ALL guns away. Not to mention the whole “need” argument being a false standard. Who needs a car that can go 100mph? Who needs a big screen TV? Also keep in mind, civilians already can’t own “assault rifles” (I put it in quotes because it’s an inflammatory media coined term) An “assault rifle” is a select fire (capable of burst, fully auto, as well as semi-auto) weapon that fires an intermediate cartridge (7.62×39, 5.56×45, 6.8 Remington, etc) As we know such weapons are already heavily regulated.So called “assault rifles” like AR15’s are used in less than 2% of crimes anyways. A 15 year old boy defended himself against home invaders with such a weapon in Houston. It’s a falsity you can’t hunt on an AR15 platform, its highly versatile, I can switch mine to hunt deer from a target shooting capacity in a few minutes. The whole cry of “evil black rifles” is merely a slippery slope that leads to more and yet more legislation restricting the Second Amendment.

  5. Truly ashamed that you feel this way regarding the 2A.
    Apparently, you dont truly understand why “Police States” are called “Police States”
    Am very disappointed to hear this……

  6. There is so much I could say to you for your brave and professional actions on that faithful day. I just want to say, thank you, Jeanne. May God Bless you all the days of your life.

  7. I hear all of your comments, criticisms, judgments, etc. I certainly never meant to offend any of you. You should know I feel strongly about our 2nd Amendment rights and my position on that will never change. I feel all your thoughts and concerns are valid because this issue means a great deal to you, as it does to me. Many of you are misinterpreting my words as well as my concerns. It is my hope that we can get this important issue resolved peacefully. I’ve had my actions on that day at the church questioned, lied about and criticized, yet none of you, especially those who have the strongest opinions about me and what I did, were even there. As the title of my book reads, it was only God, the gunman and me. I was there and I know what I had to do.

    I call for peace with you who I believe in. I know your hearts are to protect yourselves as well as others and I will always greatly respect that. I just want any civilian who does dare step out to confront an active shooter to be safe and to be conscientious of all innocent people. Keep yourself safe and keep others safe, bottom line.


  8. Thank you for acting against the shooter who was clearly going to kill so many people that day.

    However, I respectfully disagree with your stance on gun control and armed civilians.

    You may not be familiar with the law of unintended consequences. Basically, some ideas lead to events that were never thought of.

    In this case… “Keep them off the streets and take them off the shelves of gun stores.”

    Let us say that this idea, as stated, becomes law. Government, as you know, is force. So to ‘take them off the street’, the government confiscates (by force) semi-automatic rifles.

    Would anyone resist? Yes. Some students of history claim that while one-third of the original colonists supported Independence from England, only about 3% of the total actually cared enough to fight in the war. Today you can look at the turnout of a Tea Party rally or Gun Show and put that number closer to 1% of modern Americans. But even 1% of the total comes to an estimate of 2 to 4 million arrested or killed. It would double the current prison population; or you would have a death-toll in the millions. Unintended consequences.

    Senator Feinstein proposes a national gun registration along with the ban that you suggest. She also does not (or chooses not to) understand the law of Unintended Consequences.

    In the 20th century, it has been documented that gun control follows certain specific steps: Registration invariably leads to Confiscation which invariably leads to Democide. 170,000,000 people were killed by gun control in the 20th century. Unintended Consequences.

    An Old Armenian saying: “He who wants to take your gun, wants to take your life.”

    Please, don’t support gun control in any way, shape, or form. It just leads to unmarked mass graves, burned bodies, and killing fields.

  9. First I’ll mention the training, most states require a person to have a permit in order to have a ccw which means taking a training course and passing the written and practical (actual firing) exams. The exception being states that allow open carry with out any sort of permit. I have no issues with current concealed weapon training and think its a good thing, other than open carry I really don’t see the issue. The training has to be repeated when you renew your permit. I wouldn’ thave a problem with someone adding a requirement to training to open carry.

    Second on the assault rifles thing. Any rifle used in an “assault” can technically be called an assault rifle. The media has spun it to fit certain types of rifles and made them out to be horrible evil guns. Generally the term is used to apply to military type weapons (ie: select fire, full auto weapons). Its gotten out of control to the point that if it looks similar, is semi automatic, and fire the same caliber round its made out to be the same thing as what military and police carry, which is NOT true. Is a semi auto shotgun an assault rifle? why or why not? It fires semi auto, one shot per trigger pull, and shotguns fire some of the largest most devastating loads. At the root of it all is the styling, it “looks evil”. take two semi auto rifles (same caliber) one with a classic long rifle look (no pistol grip) and one styled after the military counterparts. Odds are no one would take issue with the “classic” version and people would talk about how evil and bad the assault styled rifle is even they they are functionally the same.

    semi auto is about convenience, large capacity mags are about convenience. are they needed? no. but then again your car isn’t necessary either. Lets ban cars, heck if anything maybe people wouldn’t be so obese once they start walking or running everywhere. no more drunk drivers! Think how many lives could be saved! In the end it always comes down to the people and how they used the tools they have available in their everyday lives. If someone wants to hurt, maim, or kill they will find away to do so.

  10. As a military vet, ill offer these words with the utmost respect.

    I know what its like to have the world Monday morning quarterback one of the most horrible experiences you’ll ever face, and its not a pleasant state to be in.

    With that point established, I must state the following.

    One, you’re right. No civilian explicitly NEEDS an assault rifle, including most LE when we get down to the hard truth of matters. Line Police officers have been using 12 gauge shotguns since time immemorial to address situations beyond the firepower of a duty pistol.The only people who need these kinds of weapons as a matter of daily necessity are specialized SWAT units and military troops, period. There isn’t a logical argument about that fact.

    That said, we should not choose policy based on material need. Today one can purchase a 3500 pickup without being a farmer. I can buy a V8 engined sports car without taking a single hour of advanced driving courses. I can even buy a 60″ HDTV if I feel the need,no government permit or classes required.

    America would cease to be the Land of the Free if legal policy were enacted based on material need, and I hope that you don’t advocate that for our country. An AR15 is in the same category as a Chevy Corvette -neither is materially needed for 99% of their customers, yet both are American Icons. Surprisingly enough, more Corvettes kill people then Bushmaster rifles.

    If we want to fix the problem of kids dying in our schools, we need to look at the core of the problem. Demanding we arm our teachers isn’t the answer. Disarming the country isn’t the answer either. What we have to do is establish why someone would perpetrate such a horrible act to start with, and address it.

    When September 11th happened, we didn’t ban aircraft , nor did we nuke Afghanistan. We sent in troops, found Osama Bin Laden, and solved the problem, not the symptoms. Banning airplanes -or stationing troops on aircraft-wouldn’t have solved the problem of terrorism. Those approaches will not work at solving school shootings in America.

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