Do you ever notice in superhero movies how the superhero who comes to save the day always gets the crap beat out of him by the enemy?  The superhero eventually prevails, but not before losing a few battles first.  When I see that, my faith is shaken.  I am no longer confident that a superhero will be able to come through for people when they need him.

So superheros really aren’t super-human.  They’re simply symbolic of the few people in this world who understand the power that lies within them.  But victory in every battle is uncertain because we are just that; mere humans sometimes battling giants.   But God is not like that.  With God fighting our battles, we can have complete assurance and confidence that he will never lose.  Not even once.  Not ever.  How cool is that?

A friend wrote me an email last night, telling me she had gone to see an attorney about filing a defamation lawsuit.  Understandably, she wanted justice.  She wanted her name cleared and she wanted credit for the hard work she had done, but it had been stolen by someone else.  Unfortunately, the attorney told her he could not help her.  He said her case would be difficult to prove even though it was clear she had been wronged.

We have all faced betrayal in our lives.  We have all suffered injustices, robbery, and some of us even the rape of our souls.  But we, no matter how strong we are, can never win a battle for justice like God can for us.

I tried for many years to get my name cleared and my reputation restored.  All that resulted from my own efforts was more injustices and overwhelming frustration.  When I finally understood that the battle is not mine but God’s, I was able to enter into a peace that I had not known before.

Getting unjustly fired from a job, being falsely accused, having people gossip and lie about you at work, losing a loved one to violence or because of a drunk driver, etc; these are just a few examples of battles for justice that we cannot win ourselves.  Instead, we need to take a very deep breath, relax our fists, and ask God to fight this one for us.  Once we surrender our anger, bitterness and need for revenge, God is now free to do what he does best.

Why I couldn’t have understood this a lot sooner could be a point of frustration for me. But instead I’m grateful I see this truth very clearly now.  I hope whoever reads these words that you are both enlightened and encouraged.

And remember, God will never fail you.  He is not a superhero.  He is God, whose power no foe can withstand.

About jeanneassam

Law Enforcement Professional/Author of "God, the Gunman and me"

2 Responses to “GOD IS NOT A SUPERHERO”

  1. This is exactly what I was praying for you about. God is way more concerned about us than we think isn’t He! He will make the justice of our cause shine like the noon day sun. You sound like the light came on, the puss got debraded off, and the healing has come. This is so refreshing to hear. Bitterness was consuming you. Sounds like it’s losing (or lost) it’s grip on you. I rejoice with you, as you walk through victories into complete freedom. Wow. So refreshing.

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