About Jeanne

Jeanne Assam is the police officer who shot and killed gunman Matthew Murray who entered new life church on Dec. 9, 2007 after he had shot 4 people in Arvada, killing 2, and wounding 2 others. Later that same day, Murray drove to new life church in Colorado Springs where he and Jeanne engaged in a shootout inside the church after Murray shot 4 more people, killing 2 sisters in the parking lot.

Her background includes several years as a patrol officer with the Minneapolis Police Department, Criminal Investigator for the State of Colorado, and as a Parole Officer for the Colorado Department of Corrections.
In January of 2008, she met with former President George W. Bush at the president’s request. The Colorado Senate and House passed a joint resolution honoring her. She is one of “The Biggest Winners” for 2007 according to Fox News’ The Big Story with Gibson and Naurert; only General Petraeus and French President Nicholas Sarkozy finished ahead of her.
She is also the recipient of the Eleanor Roosevelt Award from the Second Amendment Foundation.

Jeanne wrote her first book of this account with the gunman, titled “God, the Gunman and Me” available through her website http://www.jeanneassam.com and also available for Kindle  on Amazon.com

Jeanne is currently living in Denver


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